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resumed partial serviie in the aftermath of sandy.storm sandy. p new york city's subway system resumed partial service althoogh not yet fully -re - operaaiooal.however, driverr trying to get in and out of the city are still encountering troubleespots. highways and ridges congested and traffic was at a standstill innsome places. ".... i've been driving from 21st ssreet all the way here and the traffic is not moving.." moving...."another step to ggt the city back on ttack is restoringgelectricity.uuility officials hope to fixx te powee outages throughout some chilling new photos eeerge out of new jersey... of the devaatation causeddby sandy.offall the daaagee w've theseeimages are among thhse phattstand out the most for so many americans.take a look t seaside heights efore the storm.... nd then.... after. the most dramatic image... is the iconic rollee coaster... left destroyed. "this is heartbbeaking i livedd fourrh generation here, ii is dg perssy boardwalk has also been damaged and needs replacing. comedian chelsea handler is affeeted bb hurricane sandy. pledged to donnte
is in short suuply. supply. 3 gasoline rationing begins today forr otorists in new - york city and long island who phve spent hours and hourr york mayor michael llomberg saas the move is designed to ease the ffel ccuuch since shortagee coull llst a few more weeks. the best way, we think, to cut down the lines and help customers buy gas faster, to help gas stations - stay open longee and to reduce the potenttal for disorder, is to alternate the ays that driversscan puuchase gas.the wiitee storm piled on the misery for residents who wwre still reelinggfrom ssndy. new - jersey goverror chrisschristie says it could have beee much worse.belieee i or not the snow was incredibly helpful & becauue it wasn't rain and o it helped on the floodinn side. and secondly thh windd were not as severe as they had croos volunteer suuan mmtchell traveled from southeast louisiana to tte norrheast to help storm victims. it's her way of giving back. when we ttlk to tthm and they realize from new - veey thankful that we're there. and then we turn around &pan
& earlier. as tens of thousands of peoole are still reeling from hurrrccne york city still plans to hold its ingle ssows us the rguments race.nd against the race. -nats-/file marathonunder the packdrop offa city decimated py sandd...thousands of runners slateddto pound the pew york city marathon. to 9/11, i think rudy madd the right decision in those days tt run the marathon and it pulled people ttgether."new york cityymayor michael bloomberg drawing praise and condemnation for his decision to go ahead with the hundreds of thousands of people ii new york &pmetropolitan areaasit without ccrrently running non-stop in - ooponents arguing the race - will put more of a strain on the city...and take away police resourcee.malliotakii that these peopleeherr have g nothing. they don't even have a bed to sleep in.//tootake any reeource from this communityyto supervise a marathon is just beyood boon to the city ...bringing - in approximately 340-million dollars in revenue each year. this year, they say, one million of that, will be donated to recovery eeforts. close to forty eight
york city marathon haa been canccled. you can see from previouu ears... itssa very popular eeent.which could be the reason maaor bloombbrg wanted it to hhppen....but after outrrgg over resources being diverred to the race... "new york road runnerrs is dooattig a millioo ddllars to pearly... eeeryone ,,who lost power,... during hurricane sandy... / has... it back tonight tonightat ... nearly... 350-thousand b-g-e customers... were withhut power...///.tonnght... that nuuber is down... to just... 565.../// the... largest problem remaiis... inn.. anne arundel pounty famill... is... cum - overwhelmed ... by ...tte....generosity of friends and ttangers,.../ was destroyee .../ durrng thh storr.... the... hoose... on.. west maple tree...../ the marshall's... - andd heir three childree... everyone eecaped withoutta scratch. (voice only-overrkids photo?) (ddd)"i jjst hear my kkdss crying and your stomach counting our blessings over miracle none of us got hurt knowing how cllse we were." weee." foo now, they are sttying with their grandpprents. eanwhile.. donations hav
given... to... victimss... in... jersey and new york. 3city... students... who are serious... about pollege...// were treated a day... at... the city's....nattonal aquarium of... a prrgram... called ""ollege bound",.../ helps ... students ...prepaae &ptoday... students ...who wrote ...the best pssays ...on why college s ...the mayor ... who... 12:26:50q: you're going to collegea; nnq you plan to go to college in the future?a" yes" pess"college bounn... also sponsors a series f... college fairs.... at... city chooos...// which... staat...t monday ccrver high school// at onn of the biigest stars... will be in ouu area... onight..../justin bieber... will perform... in... washington tour".cannace... dold... inside look. look. 3 3 justin wwll take over the verizon center in just a few will also be on staae.get s this...tay is from maryland inside look at life on the road.. with one of the hottest singers in pop music.the girls &pare screaming..nats:and the cameras are flashing.. natss this issthe fev
... they're putting a omcabulaa ácapá on w mhh new york city is under a transportation emerggncy.... in the ake of hurricane sandy. governor ndrew cuomo ordered fares for all traans, subwayysanddbuses... be waived toddy and tomorrowwit's part of an efffrt o encourage people to take ass transit oeubtus are still flooded. later today... the army corps oo engineers will bring in 250 high-speed out the water. toohelp clear - parents have enough financial worries theee days... paying t ncasing numbee are mentt and from thher kids! thii mmrning sttcey cohaa is live in washington with the sto. story.good orning, ssacey. 1) so what should parents dd ii their kids need money forrcollege? from lashlights... to holiday ddcorations. usem jabyt. &pdouble-a bbtteriesslaat the're watccing fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance selt checking account arng 1% cash back on almost everything. arng 1% cash back i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions o
rationing begins today... for drivers in new york city and long island. island.maaor michael bloomberg the fuel crunch... since shortaggsscould last a few morr weekk.the area has dealt with two major weather systems hurricane sandy and a nor'easter..any drivers have spenttáhoursá waiting in loog llnes... to fill up. sears is theelatest store offering you a chance to cash in on " black friday" deals... stop theestore'' discounts online starting november 18th...that's five days before bbacc friday.industry analysts in line offerrblaak frrddy deals this year. are you our biggest ffa?then you can beccmm.. our fan of everyday we'll pick one of our page... and feaaure hem on fox45 news at become a fan just go to our facebook foxbaltimore.ook dot com slash - coming up... two important recalls to tell you about... involving bags of spinach... and nesquik chocolate milk mix. wwat ustomers who have theee productt... are being asked to do. and charlene iller .... you have just 5 minutes left to call... to claim your 100-dollar visa gift card. we''l draw another winner... ánext.áyou're
interested in politics when i was five and to my little community in new york city, and i saw him and i was hooked from that moment and it was an idealism that drew me and barack obama has given me my idealism back and i'm grateful to him for it and now all of us who have been with him for years are gathering on the last trip and it is a very emotional, proud time for us, and also one with great anticipation, because we think tuesday is going to be a great day. >> chris: david, i want to thank you, thank you as always, for talking with us, and we also want you to know that our offer still stands in the short system that is left for president obama to co on fox news for an interview, at least once, during this campaign. >> well, it is a generous offer and i appreciate you extending it. >> chris: all right. i didn't get a yes, there. >> i learned a few things on your show, chris. >> chris: well... i'm sorry about that. david, thank you. >> okay. good to be with you. >> chris: yes, sir. up next how the romney campaign plans to win the turnout battle. we'll talk with romney political
... the new york city mayyr held a ccnnerence about hurricann sandy... with pnnerpreter lydia callis by his side.the next day... he hhd a ddfferent woman... which led many people to take to twitter... expressing theirr it turns out... many people were impressed with her dramatic facial expressions and body language. good time nats suggests... it's not always a gooddtime... for carly rae infringement... oo their hit s- song "good time." alabamma &psinger ally burnett claimssth popular tune copies her 2000 jepsen's manager released a statement saying carly is not one offthe song'ssauthors... tterefore she should not be coming up... singgr jon bon jovi lends a affected by hurricane sandy. the service he'll soon bee offering new jersey residents... for free. bbt next... we're ust daas away from showdown... at the governor mitt ooney need to do... tt influence voters before're watching foxx45 orning news.. ll locaa.. aal morring. newss. news.. all local.. ll ing morning. 3 with just 5 ays left before americans will gg to the polls to vvte for the next presi
to visit new york city prior to the bloomberg declined the offer at that time. 3 3one of the more unique holiday traditions is underway in columbia this morning. nnarly 700 lants are being transformed into something else. else. joel d. smith s live at tte "mall in columbia""to see how they dooit, and more importantly... how to properly say "poinssttia" good morning joel d. d. 3 3 3 3 wal-mart... is going 3 wal-mart... ii going gourmet. gourmet.the retail giant has announced plans to launch a food subscriptton service. &pservice.for seven dollars a website "goodies-dot-com" will customers' doors.the treats pic- will range from healthy and organic to artisan and available in storess coming upp.. coming up... pick the perfect pieces... for your thanksgiving table. table.the decor suggestions ranging from informaa... to fancy.. you're watching ffx 45 orning news.. all local.. alllmorning. ((bump out)) ((breakk1)) when we switched to fios, we got better tv, better phone, better internet. it was like somebody like took our computer, shook all the junk out of it. we're actually getting
electriciiy needed to pump it. rationing is still n effect in new york city and on long island. 3 swimming... in st. mark's squareethat's exactly hat some tourists in venice, italy decided to do... when the famous landmmrk flooded recentl. taken the first... a man and woman an be seen swimming in the the at the table of a bar that's currently under water. flooding is typical in venice at this time of year. the waaer level stood at nearly 600inchesswhen the photos were taken sunday. coming up... get a totaa body workout... withouu going tt the ggm.the only piece of need.and... latasha ferguson called.. and claimed her 100 dolllr visa gift card.but yyu cannstiil be a winner.we'll drawwanother name sometime in you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all 3 local.. all morning. ((bump oot)) when we switched to fios, we got better tv, better phone, better internet. it was like somebody like took our computer, shook all the junk out of it. we're actually getting more for our money with fios. [ male announcer ] why settle for second best? visit now and see i
bloomberg canceled the new york city marathon...some people decided to run the route anyway.this ear's parathon was canceled because of superstorm sandy.some oo the maraahoners also spent he day delivering supplies to impaateddbb the 3 prish festival.the irishhnd pestival ii taking over the timonuim fairgrounds this weekend. dan mead from the hhtspot.- tell us about the ns - irish festivaa. - what else will be goinn on at the irish festival? - what can we see at the festival? festival? the mmrylann irish festival s happening friday november 9th through sunday, november 11th. at thh timonium baltimore dot com slash fox morningg lauren called in... but a 100-dollarrvvsa gift card... &pcould beeyours. yours.we're drawing aaother just minutes.y - minutes.but first...the october joos repprt... showw improvement on the hiring front.. in the ccuntry...but how does it ook in maryland? an analyst weighs in ... ext. you're watchiig foxx45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 3)) as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government
... by the new york and new jersey port shhws the devastating flooding caused by you're looking at two new jersey "path" train stations city and the other in hoboken. service at both stations remains ssspended nearry thrre weeks after the storm... with damaged or destroyed.. twiikies... are supposed... to last forever.../ but... the company that makes them -/ may hostess... has asked... a court for permission... to close... its business... pconic brands...///. the company says... it will lay off... most... of its... 18-thousand person... porkforcc. .../this... after... a... week-long strike... by theebakers pnion,.../ which was protesting pay and pension cuts. 3 "what am i supposed to do, i work for a bakery, you know i move them, that's all i know for 23 years... they can't tell mm i have to just get up and go,,move r i'm donn. no, i'm gonna stay here and fight."" 3 bakery operations re suspended lthough the company's retail stores will remain open for a few days to sell ccrrent products. that brings us tt our question of the day. day.who do yyu
, and the mayor of new yook city.the biggest issue right now from people still without power more than two weeks aater sandy hit. occupy walllstteet protesters coold ave a revolltionary idea... to help peeple who are buried under student loan debt.a sub-grouu called "strikee ebt"... wants to anonymouslly pay off ther people's defaulted loans. lenders often try to sell t to third far, the group's website ssyssthey've raised more than 200-thousaad to buy up the efaultee loans. the group says the initial &p if one of your co-workers i maybe doesn't even show up.... we mmght have the reason why. the lasttmovie in the mega- successful francchse "twilight" premiered overniiht. vernight. thousands of fans t. pcross our area went to the late night showingss and joee d. smmth is live at marsh with thhefirst reaction to he filmm.. and some the last one! good be morning joel d. d.the ttilight saga: breaaing dawn part 1" earnnd $283.5 breakiig dawn 2 begins rolllng out in north america at 10 p.m. thursday; by friday mornnng,,it will be plaaing inn 4,070 heaters.summit is preddct
' because it's not." not." new york okay,' because it's not." &pnot." 3 new york governor andrew cuomo billion dollars in federrl aid &ppo helpprebuild afterrsandy. damage ... left behind... by... super storm sandy .. isn't... stopping the efforts... to... rebuild art... of... the... ocean city ....boardwalk. ....boardwalk.according... to the... daily times... of salisbury... / project sufferrd... a... two-day setback... during the storr... / it's... still on track... tt be complete ...inn aprii...///.crews... rebuild a section... of thee.. street....///officials say... floodwaters ...from sandy... never reached the worksite. 3 33 3 we're saying thank you o our viewers with some cash? we're talking about the fox 45 thanksgiveaway?we're paying for your thanksgiving dinnnr. to enter... gootoo ur acebook page... like us... and click on contests. pontests.then... ... we'll giveeaway a 100- dollar gift card on fox 45 morning news... every hour... of thh show... starting at 5 a-m. ...the mystery in thh sky over 10 minutes on fox45 news at ten hhndreds of dolla
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